Uniwax presents Man In Block

UNIWAX, the leader in the manufacturing of wax African fabric in West Africa, is once again innovating with the creation of a typical Men’s product: Man In Block. 

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For every man, elegance is based on self-confidence and self-confidence is based on the assurance of a quality product.

UNIWAX has innovated and offers you "Man In Block", the first 100% men’s wax. The features of this product: a silkier and softer fabric than the classic wax block African fabrics, with small patterns and a perfect micro blocking for making african fabric shirts but also jackets, bermudas and any other type of garment for men.There are endless possibilities.

12 patterns with 3 variations per pattern are available in 4-yard pieces. This product is intended for men who favor style, beauty and quality. For this campaign, we have chosen to work with 4 men who each in their own way have marked the spirit of the Ivorians. Their style, humility, talent and generosity are a real source of inspiration for us. Discover Meiway, Kalou Bonaventure, Yves de M'Bella and Guy Kalou in formal or casual outfits. "Man In Block" adapts to all occasions.

Choose "Man In Block" and discover masculine elegance.

The Man In Block products are available in the Woodin Plateau, Woodin Cap Sud, Woodin Cap Nord, Woodin 2 Plateaux vallons, Woodin Angré Cash Djibi, Woodin Playce Marcory, Woodin Playce Palmeraie stores.