Ombres et Lumières

Ombres et Lumières

And from the shadow… light has sprung up!

All life must be grateful to Women because they’re at the service of others; they’re fighters for other people’s cause. At our humble level, we’ve wished to lift the veil on them through their elegance in the various professions and crafts they accomplish with such great commitment. It’s also the occasion to thank all these valiant African fabric resellers whom, from one generation to another, have not stopped enhancing our Brans though their shops and stands.

Ombres et Lumières
Ombres et Lumières

Our collections can be found in Woodin Plateau, Woodin Cap Sud, Woodin Cap Nord, Woodin II Plateaux, Woodin Angré Cash Djibi, Woodin Playce Marcory, Woodin Playce Palmeraie, Woodin Cosmos shops and at all authorized resellers.

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