Mosaic of Time

From poetic curves, harmonious circles to the strict rigor of a rhombus or a square, from warm enticing tones to the shine of a bright yellow, a rush of shapes and colors work together to design the captivating mosaic universe. Let us take a look at this pleasant set and allow ourselves to be seduced by the silhouette that’s emerging. She’s progressing. She’s walking through the Mosaic of time with a stainless elegance and reveals that Woman with multiple facets that makes her an exceptional being.   UNIWAX invites you to meet the “Mosaic Woman”.


Our collections can be found in Woodin Plateau, Woodin Cap Sud, Woodin Cap Nord, Woodin II Plateaux, Woodin Angré Cash Djibi, Woodin Playce Marcory, Woodin Playce Palmeraie, Woodin Cosmos shops and at all authorized resellers.

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