Queens for a day

Take musical notes that changes as the song is played... Every note is a beauty and the whole is a perfect harmony. It is the same for metamorphosis. Each pattern is exceptional, each fabric is a success. With bright colors and amazing designs, this collection, available in 12 fabrics, has everything to please you.


Our collections can be found in Woodin Plateau, Woodin Cap Sud, Woodin Cap Nord, Woodin II Plateaux, Woodin Cash Djibi, Woodin Playce Marcory, Woodin Playce Palmeraie, Woodin Cosmos shops and at all authorized resellers.

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Métamorphose 01
Métamorphose 02
Métamorphose 03
Métamorphose 04
Métamorphose 05
Métamorphose 06
Métamorphose 07
Métamorphose 08
Métamorphose 09
Métamorphose 10
Métamorphose 11
Métamorphose 12

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